Essentially two boxes sitting end-to-end. Use a small ramp to roll your bike up, nose it into a 4x4 block and tie it in.

I then remove the short box to give me access to the rear end of the bike.

The nice thing about these stands are you can build as many as you need (of the large section, you only need to build one short box).

When not in use, they can be stood on end for storage.

For pathetically designed bikes without centerstands, a large block of wood under the frame keeps the bike up.

A 4x4 in front of the combined with a couple of well-placed hooks holds the bike in place.

I put lathe or plywood in the bottom for storage of the parts I would otherwise kick across my garage floor.

Wheels bolted to the bottom allow me to roll the project in or out of the way. A couple of wedges cut from 2x4s can be hammered under the box, lifting the wheels off the ground to stabilize things.
Of course, your paint scheme may vary...
You can even make a small version of the stand out of a 2x10 and four small wheels.
How to make a bike ramp